Our holistic service and management concept entails all the assistance needed –
from cross-border legal and financial advisory to every day administration and personal coaching.
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Tailormade solutions

All individual cases are customized to the respective athlete – hence we do not offer any pre-defined models. Our global foundation and strong network of trusted partners allow us to offer any assistance needed within the listed services and beyond.

  • Bookkeeping and financial management
    For athletes who desire to keep a real time overview on their private finance and limit their tax risks, MSC&CO can arrange to maintain private books of accounts in cooperation with tax advisors. For the many athletes who have created their own company we also offer to manage their intellectual property rights, do the bookkeeping, issue and pay invoices and deal with all administrative aspects of the company.
  • Relocation management
    Change of residency automatically triggers new tax issues for professional athletes and their families. With the right application of international tax treaties risks of double taxation can be avoided. Together with international tax experts MSC&CO can coordinate and manage these issues and also manage the move to another country including the legal, administrative and practical aspects.
  • Car leasing and insurances
    Our car leasing and insurance services are foremost engaged through banks - either MSC&CO partnership banks or the existing banks of our clients. MSC&CO operates with a list of official partners, enabling us to provide attractive terms and conditions for our clients around the world.
  • Security and domestic services
    We have identified an increasing demand from elite athletes around the world for being accompanied with extended security in order to feel safe when entering the public room. Recognising these needs MSC&CO has partnered with different global agencies holding an extended level of trust and discretion. We also offer to make arrangements for butler, chauffeur, au pair, housekeeping etc.
  • Travel operator services
    MSC&CO acknowledges the hassle that comes with spending time on searching for and booking travels - from every day flight tickets, to the extended travel or private jetting. This is why we have partnered with a renowned travel agency with whom we have years of experience and trust, discretion and professionalism has been highly prioritised.
  • Bank and investment management
    Besides from advising athletes on engagement with banks, an actual management of bank accounts can be provided. This is closely linked to bookkeeping and other audit related services provided by MSC&CO.
  • Due diligence
    Due diligence expertise, process on investments and the use of our relevant network and knowhow to assess the relevance of any investments are among the services MSC&CO offers to our clients.
  • Conveyancing for propertie
    A new contract often requires relocation. MSC&CO offers to investigate the best possible solutions for the athlete – financially and location wise in terms of advising on the feasibility aspect of renting or buying a property for the athlete. We stand by the side of the athlete in negotiating contracts, managing a possible structure around the property and advising on renting, buying and/or selling a specific property in question.
  • Global accounting and annual reports
    We have a great deal of experience preparing the annual financial statements for companies and tax returns in cooperation with renowned audit firms such as BDO or Grant Thornton. Through the years, we have developed processes to optimize the preparation of annual financial statements, making it more efficient and cheaper.
  • Global tax assistance
    Every tax jurisdiction in the world is different and therefore tax is unquestionable a highly complex area to manage for all top athletes who often operate within different countries during their career. MSC&CO hence offers hands-on taxes advise through trusted legal partners throughout the world, in order to ensure accurate handling and avoid the risk of potential tax cases.
  • Legal transfer assistance
    Building on know-how and experience from several active as well as retired elite athletes, combined with our vast experience from the finance industry, MSC&CO is considered highly competent in the role of contract negotiation.
  • Negotiation assistance
    Based on profound in-house legal knowhow and a proven network of specialized partners with years of experience in drafting, reviewing, negotiating and finalising agreements, MSC&CO can provide assistance to any kind of negotiations between the athlete and a given contractor in terms of sponsorship contract, licensee contracts and other engagements.
  • Tax planning
    Tax regulations and legislations are complex and spanning global borders. Well-structured tax planning can lead to efficient solutions to optimise income and wealth in accordance with international and domestic tax laws. With the proven knowhow of our team and partners this is something we can organise, and we have been around tax planning issues for many years.
  • Career planning
    With the assistance from our business partners, MSC & CO is able to offer the athlete a professional career plan. Something that for most athletes is an area that is being neglected in the light of the success, however, which inevitably is a crucial investment in the future regardless of the present monetary fortune.
  • Retirement advise and planning
    Often pensions are neglected and when top players retire, they have engaged themselves in a high profile, high costly lifestyle. MSC&CO offers to engage with the athlete in order to secure sufficient pension funds after the professional has ended.
  • Advise on Image Rights and PR
    In connection with managing the personal branding of the athlete, MSC&CO offers advice and management of the athletes’ image rights. An area that has become increasingly explored and consequently lucrative within the sports industry. To ensure a professional advisory MSC&CO relies on years of experience from its parent company, the DEFAP Group. MSC&CO also offers to manage PR activities of the athlete.
  • Valuation of brand profile
    In relation to contract negotiations in various contexts MSC&CO offers the ability to evaluate the actual brand value of the individual athlete utilising a unique and highly innovative program offered by one of our exclusive partners.
  • Life insurance
    With our partner specialised in providing tailor-made life insurance (European protected and regulated), we offer the perfect asset protection vehicle for the European based sportsman moving from one country to another. Luxembourg Life Assurance contracts offer distinct advantages including a unique level of investor protection, flexibility in contract design and asset allocation, fiscal neutrality and confidentiality guaranteed by law.
  • Personal branding management
    Being a brand requires strategic considerations depending on the wishes and aims of the individual athlete. MSC&CO offers to conduct a thorough brand analysis and evaluation. Based on this we can develop and manage a personal branding strategy for the athlete and including the management of Social Media in order to enhance likeability, popularity and respect which ultimately will increase the number of followers and thereby the personal brand value.
  • Sport Coaching
    Top athletes are under constant pressure to perform within their sport, which places high demands on their physical yet also psychological approach. Acknowledging this, MSC&CO has developed a global network of highly qualified sport coaches and psychologists with vast experience working with top athletes in different sports, holding the ultimate purpose of enhancing their overall performance.
  • Nutritional coaching
    Concurrently with the remaining sports industry MSC&CO acknowledges that food and nutrition play an increasingly essential role in the well-being and performance of the athlete. However, we also acknowledge that each athlete as well as the quality of practitioners and their approaches vary tremendously, making it critical to work with only the most renowned in the industry. MSC&CO have taken these precautions, and selectively chosen distinguished partners with whom we have years of experience.
  • Sports treatment
    Injuries and injury prevention is an essential part of the athlete’ s daily life. Hence it is crucial for the athlete to have the right therapists, varying from physiotherapists, to osteopath and more holistic treatment approaches, who are able to prevent injuries as well as optimising their performance. At MSC&CO we have consequently build a broad global team of renowned therapists, with whom we have great experience and trust.

Ninety percent of hockey is mental and the other half is physical

Wayne Gretzky

Discretion is a virtue

With an utmost respect for privacy we invest in building a strong and personal relationship with each of our clients, spending both professional and private time together. We are legally obliged to handle all matters with full discretion. No information is shared with any third parties nor amongst our partners without prior approval from the athlete.
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